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The sweet spot

It’s been a crazy year, filled with challenge and change for almost everyone. It’s been filled with frustration and boredom for many and overwhelm and relentless demand for others. As we navigate November, let’s not just long for December and the holidays, let’s make November unforgettable! Even with Covid, it’s the silly season and exams and closure of the year , and the very best gift we can give ourselves is to seek the sweet spot in everything. Seek the middle ground, the place of best balance. Even if we have to constantly rebalance having fallen over a thousand times, let’s keep trying to find that middle ground where we can thrive.

Finding the sweet spot is the ultimate challenge. It’s the middle spot between the extremes of anything, which is also the place of perfect balance, where things just work, flow, come together. It's the space between two polar opposite extremes, for example: work and play, giving and receiving, stopping and starting, socializing and finding alone time, learning and stagnating. This sweet spot is so hard to find, because it’s always tempting to believe that more is better. Sometimes less is better. Less is more. We need to try to reign in our extremist parts and activate and energize our dormant parts even when it’s very uncomfortable.

We need to accept and own and give air time to all the parts of ourselves. The part that is a workaholic and the part that plays with gay abandon, the part that loves to connect with people and the part that needs to be solitary, the indulgent part and the super disciplined abstinent part, the driving, striving part and the lazy part, the ambitious part, the spontaneous part, the serious part and the fun part. We need to be mindful that we aren’t allowing one part to dominate and drown out all the other parts.

Balance brings energy and happiness. Nature models it perfectly for us, so by watching the natural world around us we can get a felt sense of this. But looking and learning isn’t enough we have to try with experimentation and learn from getting it wrong on the way to getting it right. The sweet spot is quite big and so there is plenty of space to explore. So, if you are a workaholic or a “playaholic”, do the opposite and experiment with finding the middle spot. If you are serious and intense, play with being frivolous and fun-loving as much as you can. Give it a whirl and give me your feedback, I would love to hear what you find. Sometimes when a part has been dormant for too long, we need some help finding it. If you need help, call 076 147 0004 to make a time. Try it, it truly is magical what brilliance balance can bring.


Sue and the Energy Incubator Team


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