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Slowing Down Time

And with that it's year end again. People all around me are commenting that this year has flown by. Do you feel that way? Does it feel like you have blinked and now it's Christmas and year end again? This is a horrible and disconcerting feeling and many say it's getting worse every year. Lest we have the same experience next year, we need to do some things differently and here are a few easy suggestions that can make all the difference.

1. Be present. Let everything else go and bring your attention onto what you are doing.

2. Do one thing at a time

3. Let go the stories that are going around in your head and robbing you of your peace of mind and of your ability to be present.

4. Manage your phone. Use the silent button without vibration and take a few minutes to attend to what has come in when you are in a place to focus on that. Disconnect your watch from your phone at least some of the time too!

5. Make an email answering appointment every day. Don’t answer mails as they flow in. If you do this, they interrupt your focus.

6. Listen when people talk to you.

7. Ask people who demand your attention to wait until you are ready for their interruption. Your brain uses massive amounts of energy to refocus every time someone interrupts you.

8. Make time for your personal matters. They can't be managed well if they are always stuffed into corners between work things. Indulge yourself with enough time for your personal chores. They are also important.

9. Be aware of your thoughts.Let the recurrent ones go and if you can't write them down.Be mindful of your rumination (regurgitating thoughts and churning them over and over)Be mindful of your conversations that go on in your head. If you can't say what’s in your head to the person, let it go and if that doesn’t work write it down.Be mindful of your tendency to catastrophize! Is it really as bad or as important as your mind is making it?Let the thoughts that aren’t serving you go (that’s most of them) and bring your attention to the sounds or sights around you to keep your brain from going back to the thought.

10. Relax and laugh more!

Start in this lovely month of December! And as you think about the imminent new year, remember this quote, from Bruce Lipton (Kerry, from Indie Yoga, reminded me of it): “planting both feet firmly on thin air”. We don’t know what’s coming and it's all unknown and uncertain, but show up and engage with all your might, that way you will have a great year whatever it brings.

We wish you an awesome holiday season and look forward to working with you lots more in 2020 With love and vitality Sue and the Energy Incubator and Body Brilliance Teams

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