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Sexual Health Support Group for women starting 28 April 2020

We want to help you. We want you to have a forum in which you can discuss the problems you have with sex, the sexual pain and any other challenges you experience with expert facilitator, specialist physiotherapist and mindfulness coach, Sue Fuller-Good and with other fellow people who experience the challenges too.

This is a sexual support group designed just for you. You can sign up and try it and if you find it helpful, you can join the group and benefit from monthly meetings on an ongoing basis.

What is a Sexual Health Support Group?

A sexual health support group is a group meeting done on Zoom in which you meet virtually on a monthly basis. In the session, a topic will be introduced to start the discussion. This topic will be based on mindfulness concepts, and will be aimed at helping you to think about the challenges you are experiencing a little bit differently. We want you to have the best possible mindset for helping yourself to resolve the problems with sex that are coming up for you. This support group is not to replace other therapy, it is to be used in addition to other treatment you are receiving and can also be attended long after your challenges seem to have resolved in order to help you to continue on your journey. In the sexual support group, we work to supply you with tools that you can use at home to help you, e.g. breathing exercises and relaxation strategies.

A Sex Health Support group is a group talking therapy session, based in Science and in evidence-based medicine, offering support and help to people with similar challenges, in a group setting.

Question: Who should join a sexual health support group?

Answer: This sexual support group is for anyone who has a sexual health problem of any sort.

· This includes anyone who has pain with sex or afterwards

· Anyone who has a partner who has a sexual problem

· Anyone who has a low libido

· Anyone who cannot enjoy sexual pleasure

· Anyone who suffers from difficulty relating to and feeling positive towards or about sex.

Question: who should join a Sexual Health Support Group?

Answer: You should join this sexual health support group if you are struggling to have a healthy,

fulfilling and mutually satisfying sex life.

Question: What can I expect from an online Sexual Health Support Group session?

Answer: In this medically based Sexual Support Group

· You can expect incredible group support,

· To hear other people’s stories and recognize your own story in what the people say

· You can expect to be able to share some of your fears, challenges and experiences in a safe and confidential forum, where you will be able to explore and discover without any shame or embarrassment and without feeling afraid of being judged.

· This is a forum for learning, discovery and healing, a safe and secure place where you will feel understood and supported.

You can expect the following things from a sexual health support group

· You can expect to feel safe and understood in this sexual support group

· To have full confidentiality

· To get answers

· To learn about your problem and your sexuality

· To feel empowered to work with yourself and with your partner (if you have one) on your own

· To discover other people who suffer like you do and learn from their solutions and sharing.

To book your space, email: or WhatsApp Sue on 0825700824.

Limited spaces available so don’t delay.

Sessions are on the last Tuesday of every month, with the next one being on 28/4/2020.

We meet at 5pm on Zoom and we will be done by 6.30pm.

Cost is R250 per session. Or if you sign up for a year, and pay in advance: 2200. This includes 11 sessions. You can claim for the sessions from your medical aid.

We really hope to see you there, but email now to claim your space.

Sue Fuller-Good is your facilitator:

She has been working as a physiotherapist with a special interest in the pelvis, sexual health and in chronic pain for more than 30 years. She is qualified as a mindfulness coach and a life coach (working with Conscious Embodiment, The Enneagram and much more). She is a qualified hypnotherapist, a pilates teacher and a yoga guru.

Sue weaves her understanding of neuroscience, anatomy, physiology and human behaviour into everything she does and marries this with her deep understanding of physiotherapy and human movement and the neuromuscular skeletal system. She did her Master’s degree in the pelvis and has taught “the pelvis” to postgraduate physiotherapists all around SA. She has been to India several times to study mindfulness and to deepen her understanding of its therapeutic use.

Sue is a keynote speaker a facilitator of corporate wellness programs and an author and she is perfectly placed to guide you on this journey.

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