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Written by Sue Fuller-Good (MSc Physio WITS) Physiotherapist with a special interest in the mind-body connection


Moderation… I don’t know what it feels like in your business and in your life, but I feel better when I frequently remind myself to seek moderation.

Moderation seems to be intertwined with balance and it requires the freedom to say “no” and the confidence to miss out. I wanted to unpack the idea and see how we could create more of it...

There are 6 aspects to being moderate, in my experience:

1. Making choices consciously.

When we allow our automatic pilot to choose for us, we are in danger. Many of us run the internal program that “more is better” and so our innate fear of deprivation can make the choice for us, if we don’t pay attention. So choose to choose!

2. Missing out is okay.

Remembering that life is a long journey and missing out is a temporary thing. Desert, a social engagement, an opportunity are all things that will be available again and so it is safe to miss them today. There is always more available tomorrow.

3. Give yourself the right to change your mind.

If you are busy doing something and find it feels wrong, too stressful or out of balance, give yourself permission to change your mind. Of course, it is better to make the “right” choice the first time, but if you have got it wrong, you can reverse (unless it implicates other people negatively!)

4. Overbalancing is okay.

If you lost your balance today, never mind, regain it tomorrow. The aim of the game is not to try to get it right all of the time, but rather to notice when it is off kilter and pull it back quickly and effectively. This means you can find moderation over a period and not necessarily in every moment of every day.

5. Openness and flexibility are inherent in moderation.

Moderation is an open concept, not a fixed one. If we get rigid, we lose the moderation in another sphere. We may be trying to eat well and if we get too rigid about our diet, then we will not be moderate in our attitude. To create true moderation, we need to keep our attitude to all things open, relaxed and flexible.

6. Moderation does not include rigid goals and rules

If we set definite, goals and rules for ourselves we may create pressure, guilt and shame. None of these is aligned to moderation. When we feel one of these constricting emotions, we can be alerted to the loss of moderation in what we are doing. Moderation feels effortless and it is sustainable.

I think it is worth striving for in all spheres of our lives and businesses. I would love to hear what you think about this?


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