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December Reflections

It's that incredible time of year again…. December. For us in SA it marks our summer holidays and it marks the end of the year. It feels crazy that it's December again, when this year seems to have hardly begun.

I am inviting you in this December blog to reflect on your year. My invitation, is to start with what has worked in your favour? What has served you this year? How have you grown, even if it has been through the incredible challenges this year has created?

Please beautiful readers, write it down, don’t miss the chance to really investigate what has been good this year. List the things you can think of and stretch your mind to come up with more things than those that immediately jump into your awareness. Think about what you hoped for this year and enquire about how what you hoped for has compared with what actually came your way. Stay curious in this investigation, because your mind is programmed to notice the bad stuff and not the great stuff. Some gifts don’t come with golden bows, some are wrapped in cactus leaves, but they are still gifts!

It seems that 2020 has brought to the surface much of what was under the surface and it may be that this has been really tough for you, but it's vital that we turn that over and look at the other side of it. We can't tie our shoe lace if we don’t know that it's come undone. We can't restore health or harmony if we don’t know it's been lost.

Even although noticing the cracks and chips, may have been uncomfortable, what has it enabled? Can you see anything that you had failed to notice before? What are you going to do differently, because of what you have discovered or learnt? What is your intention for the holiday season? And for the new year? Share with me, on this blog! I’d love to hear. Love

Sue and the Body Brilliance and the Energy Incubator Teams

It’s in the spirit of the holiday that we extend our thank you to all of those that have supported us. We wish you so well for 2021, and we look forward to working with you whenever you need us.


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