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Conscious Evaluation

Without conscious thought and attention, we are just automatons driven by fear, greed and habit. This isn’t a comfortable thought, but remembering this is motivating! If we are not watching ourselves as if we are a third person and evaluating the results of our actions, we will just do what we have always done, habitually. If we are not aware of our fears, we will fail to notice how our actions are driven by avoiding the things we fear. If we are not noticing our ego voice, then greed and wanting more can keep us driven and ungrateful or unsatisfied.

What could be more important then, than staying aware of ourselves and the impact we are having on the world around us? What could be more important than checking in with ourselves and making sure that we are getting the results we want and spending our precious lives the way we really choose to.

A very special friend of mine is suffering from stage 4 cancer right now. Standing by and watching her as she has endured chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, disappointment and faced astonishing fear, I feel more inspired than ever not to live as an automaton. Investigating myself, I have noticed several habits that I want to change. The habit of multitasking, the habit of rushing, the habit of “just quickly” squeezing something extra in to a spare moment, these are habits worth breaking.

Writing a list of the fears that are drivers for behaviour has been really helpful for me…. fear of disappointing people, fear of missing out, fear of scarcity, fear of rejection or loss or abandonment, are some examples. These are some fears that may be powerful push factors for you, as well as for me. Without recognising our weaknesses and acknowledging them, we unconsciously continue to avoid these scary things the best way we know how.

So, as we start March 2018, how about making this a productive, life changing conscious living and self awareness month?

Socrates said that “the unexamined life is not worth living” . I believe that this ancient observation is a phenomenal inspiration. If you feel inspired too, but don’t know what to do, call now for an appointment and we can help you.

Have an awesome month of March


Sue and The Body Brilliance Team

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