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Visionary Leadership

As we celebrate, honour and remember our beloved leader Nelson Mandela, let us take a lesson from his astonishing legacy. His legacy is made all the more magnificent when we see it juxtaposed against the leadership offered to the world at the moment. One of the lessons that has the potential to uplift the planet instead of sucking it downwards is to start with leading ourselves. This means holding ourselves accountable and living fearlessly by our own value systems.

This means ruthlessly doing what we believe in, even when it's tempting to take an easier route. This means taking full responsibility for what we produce in the world and making certain that it is nothing short of what we promise and nothing short of exactly what we stand for. If we care about our planet, then do we watch the philosophies of the suppliers who produce the meat and dairy we consume? If we believe in recycling, do we limit our waste and do we avoid using unnecessary plastic? Do we avoid overeating, which is wasteful?

If we believe in fairness are we practicing fair labour practice with ourselves and with our staff? Do we give ourselves enough rest? Do we give our bodies the best nutrition we can? Do we keep our bodies strong and flexible so we can manage the strain our lives place on us?

If we believe in respect, do we treat ourselves and our bodies with respect? Do we treat every single person or animal we encounter with respect? Do we treat our children with respect? Is it respectful to over indulge? Or overwork?

When we lead ourselves with the highest level of integrity we have the potential to uplift ourselves and everyone around us. Let us do it in honour of Madiba. Let us do it to create a whirlpool of brilliance around ourselves. We will thrive and the world in which we interact will have thriving potential too.


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