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Discover Freedom From Headaches

Headaches can be a debilitating condition

We assess what causes your headaches

Book a physiotherapy appointment with any one of our expert physio's and we will assess the exact cause of your pain. We will direct our hands on therapy right at the joint, muscle, or piece of fascia that is inflamed and release, mobilise or strengthen whatever is not functioning. This will enable your neck to relax and move as it was created to move and function without causing pain.

Causes of Headaches

Sometimes headaches are caused by the TMJ (jaw), sometimes by the neck (cervical spine) joints and sometimes by the cervical muscles or connective tissue. There is a big difference between migraine headaches and cervical headaches and many people misdiagnose their headaches as migraines.

Migraine headaches are caused by the blood vessels inside the brain, whereas cervical headaches are caused by the musculoskeletal system. We can help you to ascertain which type of headache you are suffering from. Many people think if a headache is bad, it is a migraine and this is not true. Many very, very severe headaches are cervical headaches and can be helped with physio. So come and let us assess you before you suffer any more.

Holistic Approach to Headache Treatment and Relief

Our holistic approach will help us get to the cause of your headache and prevent it returning. We will help you change your posture, ergonomics, muscle balance, the way you chew as well as help you to stop grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw if these are contributing factors. We will also help you find the best sleeping posture, as well as helping you to sleep deeply and restoratively We will help you develop relaxation strategies and mindfulness practices if stress is a factor for you.

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