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Body Brilliance was founded in Sandton in 2000 by Sue Fuller-Good, a leading- and cutting-edge physiotherapist and specialized coach.

Taking her more than 30 years of experience, Sue developed a wellness team with a holistic approach. They work with people like you, treating ailments, as well as coaching and guiding, and facilitating wellbeing.

Body Brilliance has also developed its own exclusive brand of mindfulness practice that promotes living a life of joy, gratitude and good health.

These feelings inform and guide the core teachings, treatments, services and practices at Body Brilliance, as they focus on helping you to improve your level of health and fitness.




Sue is a leading-and cutting edge-physiotherapist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Having been a lifelong student of the body, neuroscience, and human behavior, Sue has a deep understanding of the multi-dimensional concept of well-being. This was the basis from which Body Brilliance was founded 20 years ago.


There are two major aspects to Sue Fuller-Good’s work: clinical mindful physiotherapy and The Energy Incubator, which delivers workshops, tools, and strategies to individuals and companies.

Sue has 30 years of experience working with high-level executives in her clinic and 14 years of coaching and facilitating well-being in the workspace. As an international ultra-distance athlete and sportswoman, Sue has an insight into the body that is multidimensional.​

Her areas of expertise are mind-body well-being, resilience training, personal and body mastery, finding balance and stress management. She has a unique and crucial offering for you and your business.

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