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Body Brilliance is a Wellness Centre. We specialize in holistic wellbeing through physiotherapy, sports and orthopedic rehabilitation, life coaching, relaxation techniques, nutrition, workshops, courses and so much more.

We help individuals to understand their own body, nervous system, body language, behavioral traits and patterns to create change. This change is aligned to creating vitality and health. Put in Body Brilliance language: We help individuals climb their 'mountain' to their personal summit - Brilliant Wellness.

At Body Brilliance, we believe in empowering people and limiting the strain they place on their bodies by their lifestyle. Modern research has proven that to really bring about wellbeing, we need to see people in the context of the bio-psycho-social model. This means we need to see individuals as whole people, and in the context of their lives, if we wish to help them through medical science. Body Brilliance was built on this philosophy.

From a Corporate perspective, we assist organisations (big and small) to get their employees feeling great and operating at their highest potential both mentally and physically. We help them to find their balance in every part of their life.

Wellness Centre

Body Brilliance endorses living a balanced life by listening to your body.

Our work is all about helping you and your team to raise your levels of awareness so you can listen to what your body is telling you and respond.

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Physiotherapy facilitates healing, relieves pain and stiffness and improves movement and function.

We treat all injuries, especially spinal problems (low back pain, pelvic pain, upper back pain, neck pain and headaches) and sports injuries.

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Corporate Wellbeing

Body Brilliance's corporate programs focus on enhancing "presenteeism".

Our corporate programs focus on building better wellbeing, emotional intelligence (EQ), resilience and balance.

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Brilliance Newsletter

Sign up here and receive our bi-weekly newsletter. It is filled with ideas which will help you to think differently and look after yourself better. It looks at:

  • Food and diet advice
  • Exercise, strength and fitness tips
  • Mindfulness, motivation and inspiration

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Expert Advice and Care

Sue and her team of multi-disciplinary experts will guide you towards health through the use of trusted techniques that include:

  • physiotherapy
  • mindfulness practice
  • life / body coaching and nutritional advice

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Brilliant Meditation 3 CD Pack

Wellness Centre

The Body Brilliance 8 Guided Meditation CD Pack will quickly lead you to the ultimate in relaxation and wellbeing through the calm, tranquil, quiet, healing and spiritual powers of meditation.

Brilliant Running Course

Our running course is based on the principles of Chi Running, mindfulness practice and latest stress management concepts. Physiotherapist and body coach, Sue Fuller-Good who has run many Comrades and has participated in ultra endurance trail events shares her running and physiology expertise with you. She will help you get out of the starting blocks, get going and to truly enjoy every run you have.

The course will teach you to run effortlessly, efficiently and to find the joy in movement. It will also teach you to breathe so you have more energy and overall vitality. Everyone can run, because we were born to do it. People who say they can’t just have that perception. All children can run and love to. Somehow as we grow up, some of us change our perceptions about running and ourselves and we stop trusting our body to do it. Often all we need is the framework and the structure to learn how. This course will help you with all of this. Exercise is a delight, not a chore and the overall benefit is better health, weight management, stress relief and most importantly more aliveness.

This course will get you started in running with correct form and style and you will finish fitter and leaner and able to run 5km 3x a week, with effortless ease. You will be well on your way to going even further with running, should you wish to.

Body Brilliance Running Course promise to participants:

We promise to get you started in your running career. To show you the most efficient form and breathing style we know which will help you and to coach you until you have mastered it. We promise to point the way for you to build your mileage up to 5km 3 times a week and this without injuring yourself, because you are doing it wisely and slowly. To offer ongoing support so you can keep going and build way beyond that should you need or want it.

Date: 18 August & 25 August 2016

Time: 6.45am-8am.

Cost: R890 per person for the 2 days.

Contact Lila on 011 463 0229 to book .


Mindfulness Course

This is a four part course which will help you to manage and investigate your thoughts, quiet your minds and become more present. The course will take you on a journey into yourself, exactly as you are.

Over the weeks you will come to understand your stressors and lessen them. You will develop the capacity to appreciate yourself, your body and your life, in the present moment, with curiosity and interest. You will leave the course able to practice mindfulness and with multiple tools to ensure the successful integration of it into your life. You will have a heightened level of awareness.

The course will involve discussions, experiential learning, and some exercises which will help you to practice and play with new ideas. You will learn to be mindful and to notice when you have become mindless and are operating in automatic pilot. Every session will include, breathing, relaxation processes and mindfulness practices. You will build a tool kit of techniques, as the weeks progress.

Next Courses Starts 7 September 2016

Time: 7-9am

Cost: R2 000 for the full course. 

Pay R2200 and get a 3CD meditation pack valued at R350 included!

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Where People Feel Great on the Inside and Outside

Body Brilliance is here to help you to thrive. We want to empower you to live pain free, with more energy and vitality, looking and feeling great.

We will belay you up to your summit which is your ultimate wellbeing. We will support and guide you all the way.

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Body Brilliance
we belay you up the mountain to the summit which is your ultimate wellness